Administering client subscription email and passwords

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Created On: 13 Nov 2010 03:47 PM


How do I get email and login info to a customer if they type in the wrong email address when subscribing?

Here is the procedure for administering clients with an incorrect email address:

1 - Place the subscriber record with the misspelled email address in "Pending" status.

2 - Edit the subscriber record with the misspelled email address to the correct email address.

3 - Place the subscriber record into subscribed status. The system will automatically generate a new custom password for them. You'll need to click the link to resend the Thank-you Email from the subscriber record where you modified the email address. 

If the client already has an existing Nanacast account and just typo'd their usual email, you can still take the existing correct email address and follow steps 1-3 above. However, the system will treat this specific subscription as a custom membership, and will not be consolidated with any purchases/subscriptions they may have with their general logon.

NOTE: For the above to work, you must be using an alias, CNAME, or custom general purpose login URL for the membership login.

Following the above steps creates a custom login password for the subscriber record for that specific membership. 

What the above process will NOT do:
- This will NOT change what email used in the underlying Nanacast account that was created for the incorrect password.
- This will NOT allow the subscriber to login to the main Nanacast login page with the email/password that you generate for them. They will only be able to login to a membership using an alias, a CNAME, or a custom general purpose login page. 

This is strictly to get them access to the content they have registered for/purchased, without forcing them to cancel and re-register to your offer with the correct email address. 

The other method to handle an incorrect email in registration is to refund and unsubscribe the subscriber with the incorrect email and ask them to register for the offer again with the correct email.

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