21 Oct 2019 
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 Masking the URL of a podcast using Nanacast - Preventing link theft

1. I recommend selling everything as a membership in my training videos... 

2. If you have created your offer as a membership you can add "episodes" 

3. On edit listing step check option to add podcast and or download files. 

4. Episodes have option to hide from the member’s area. Do this when an episode is just meant to be a file used for a podcast or for secure downloads and not a page. 

5. Using the URL to File S3 option on the episode to upload the file you want to protect, Nanacast secures it with multiple layers of security including private/public key on the Nanacast side and the S3 side and IP security where it creates unique URLs issued for that subscriber's IP only, that even though they are visible cannot be accessed by others if/when shared. 

6. Each episode can have one file. After adding episodes for each file you want to secure, and uploading those files to S3 through the Nanacast URL to File s3 feature, you can use the file download links tag on your thank you page or any membership pages you have made visible. 

Now your links are secured.

Additional keywords: sharing, link theft, secure links

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