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25 May 2024 
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 Client billing issues: Updating client credit cards

Nanacast provides a variety of ways for a client to update their credit card info for billing:

1 - While the client's status is "Subscribed" for your offer, as long as a) there are future installments remaining for the client, and b) you have not selected the option to hide the offer from the Purchases/Subscriptions area, the client can login to Nanacast and go to the Purchases/Subscriptions area from the left menu, and in the summary of your offer, there will be an "update credit card" link.

2 - As a publisher, you can also get the link for updating the credit card by going to the client's subscriber record (Manage > Clients, change the Subscriber Status search option from "Subscribed" to "Any Status" and then search by the client's email address, then click the "Edit" link next to his name in the search results.)
Next to the "Credit Card Number" field of the subscriber record there will be a link that says "update credit card (opens in new window)". If the client wants you to update their info on their behalf, you can click on this link to update it. Alternately, you can copy the link and send that to the client, but note that if the client has had billing issues and their status is currently "Unsubscribed", then using that link will not automatically restore their status to "Subscribed" and resume recurring billing.

This link differs structurally and functionally from the link provided in the notification emails that go to the client in the event of billing issues.

3 - In the event of client billing issues, Nanacast will send a notification email to the email address the client provided when subscribing, indicating that the billing process was unsuccessful, and will provide a link for updating their credit card. The system will the push out the expiration date 2 days and attempt billing then. This process will repeat for a total of 4 email notifications over 6 days, and the client's subscriber status will change from "Subscribed" to "Unsubscribed" upon failure of the 4th billing attempt. On receipt of any of these 4 notification emails, the client can click on the link in the email which will take them to the credit card update page for their subscription to that offer.
4 - If the client received their initial thank-you email receipt upon first subscribing, but now claims to have not received the billing notification emails, it is most likely that the email has been filtered by either their email provider or their email client, if applicable, as a potential junk/spam/phishing attempt email. However, in the event that the client is unable to find the notification email in their junk/spam email folder, as a publisher, you can still manually provide a credit card update link for them:

  • The structure for the client's link to update their own credit card in the event of billing failure is (where u_access_code represent's the client's actual access code.) You'll find the client's user access code from their subscriber record. So if the client's access code were 12a3456789bc, then their credit card update link is, and having the client update this with a valid credit card will automatically reinstate their subscription, even if their subscriber status has already gone to "unsubscribed".
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