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 Promoting affiliate programs in the Nanacast affiliate network

NOTE: is an affiliate network. Each company using the Nanacast affiliate network may have their own affiliate policy and terms of service, and manages their affiliate programs independently, including commissions. If you have questions about promoting individual offers or receiving commissions, you should contact each company you are doing business with as an affiliate for their offer, as Nanacast cannot provide support for individual affiliate programs.

Affiliate Center:

To promote affiliate programs, first you need to join the affiliate program of individual publishers/companies.

If you already know the affiliate program you wish to join, it is likely that the publisher/company you are seeking to promote has a preferred process to sign up and access their affiliate program, so we recommend you contact the company you want to do business with as an affiliate. They can provide you with the URL of a signup form for their affiliate program, and a custom affiliate login URL for their affiliate program.

Otherwise, if you already have a free affiliate level account with Nanacast, you can join affiliate programs through the affiliate center. When logged in to your affiliate account at, from the menu, click on Affiliate Promotion >>  Affiliate Center.

In the affiliate center, you'll see a list of all the affiliate programs you've joined. By default, that will be offers by Internet Business Ideas, Inc. (the parent company of and any other affiliate programs you may have already joined. If you want a full list of publishers and offers that you can join and promote, you'll find a blue button at the bottom of the page that says, "Browse Programs" which will show you a list of offers and categories of offers.

You can click on links of individual offers and click a button to promote that item. In addition, if you know of publishers/companies using the Nanacast affiliate network, you can get an autojoin link from them to promote their affiliate program offers. Note: The affiliate tracking system is based on publisher/affiliate program rather than individual products, so if you join to promote one offer from a publisher, you can promote all of their affiliate-enabled offers.

Alternately, rather than browsing and joining individual affiliate programs, there is a button at the bottom of the Affiliate Center page to join ALL affiliate programs.

However you go about joining specific affiliate programs, once you have joined an affiliate program, that program will appear in your affiliate center along with the affiliate links to promote each offer.

Note: Some publishers use the option to manually approve their affiliates, so your status for some programs may be "Pending" unless/until they approve you, in which case you will not be able to see the links to promote their offers.

Using affiliate links to promote offers

We recommend not using any cloaking or URL shorteners for affiliate links... When affiliates cloak their links or use url shortening services, they do so many times not knowing how the actual cloaking or shortening technology they use works. Often these cloaking scripts or url shorteners sniff out the final landing page and remove the affiliate link completely from the equation, essentially making their tracking disappear.

We recommend using simple redirects if anything... Naked links are fine but if you must cloak, just use general HTML, meta refresh or PHP redirect and make sure that the referred visitors are redirected to the actual affiliate link.

How you promote offers is up to you, we don't have any recommendations regarding websites, domains, email list services, etc. as long as you follow the terms of service-- no spamming, etc.

Affiliate Tools: Each offer listed in the affiliate center will have a link that says "Affiliate Tools" which will show any affiliate tools (Banners, email promotions, etc.) for that offer, and there will be a links to view and create link campaigns for that specific item.

Link Campaigns

If you want to track your promotions for other companies with more detail than just seeing earned commissions from sales, you can use the Link Campaigns feature (under Affiliate Promotion >> Link Campaigns) which can give you stats on views, leads, conversions, etc.

You can also create link campaigns via the Nanacast menu by clicking Affiliate Promotion >> Link Campaigns, and then click "Add New Link Campaign".

The values you supply in the New/Edit Link Campaign Details are up to you... For example, if you were purchasing ad space with Google AdWords, to advertise Offer A, and that costs you $0.10 per click, you could name it something like "AdWords for Offer A", describe the campaign however you want, list your cost as $0.10 per click. If you were using Google Analytics or some pixel tracking code or something similar, that's what you would put in the 3rd-Party Tracking HTML Code box. The tags at the bottom of that box will dynamically be replaced by the values they represent, which are explained via the Help (?) icon next to each tag. These are useful if you need to pass these values on to the 3rd-Party Tracking Code you are using.

SubIDs can be used with Link Campaigns. You must first create a Link Campaign and use the link provided for that specific link campaign before you can add a subID of your choice to the end of the Link Campaign. Here is the breakdown of a link campaign link with a custom tag (also known as "SubID"):

So once you create a link campaign for a specific offer, you can get the link campaign link, and if desired, you can add your own custom tags to the end of the link on the fly. Custom tags may contain ONLY letters, numbers and dashes; No underscores or spaces.

You can use this for advanced affiliate tracking because the custom tag is logged in the system and is viewable on the link campaigns listing page.

The link campaigns listing page will list the last 180 days of stats like views, sales/leads, conversions, etc., and can be filtered/sorted by subID if desired. Viewing by a specific time period is not currently available. However, you could make use of third-party tracking code for your link campaigns, and you may be able to obtain the data you are seeking that way.

Redirect URLs

You can also pass in the landing page redirect url on the fly as an alternative to the one that's used as the default. Just append "?redirecturl=" onto the very end of your affiliate link. Ex:

My Commissions

If you have earned commissions for referring a specific offer in an affiliate program, including for promoting paid services, it will show from the Nanacast menu under Affiliate Promotion >> My Commissions.

My Referrals is an affiliate network where you may promote offers of individual companies using the affiliate network, but we also provide our own services which you may promote as an affiliate. The My Referrals area under Affiliate Promotion is for showing referrals for services specifically (i.e. those whom you have referred and have signed up for a account at any level. You won't see referrals for other companies using the affiliate network there.

Again, if you have additional questions about promoting individual offers or want additional info regarding your promotional efforts for a specific affiliate program, or about receiving commissions, you should contact each company you are doing business with as an affiliate for their offer, as Nanacast cannot provide support for individual affiliate programs.

For more information on promoting as an affiliate, see

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