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 Using Split Tests on Nanacast

Creating a new Split Test:
From the Overview menu of each offer, you'll find a link called "Split Test" which will take you to the Split Test Management page.
There you can create a new split test for that offer. 

Alternately, you can go to Manage >> Split Test, and create a new split test there.

In creating a new split test, provide a name for the split test, and select your "A" offer (if you go to the split test link from the overview menu, the "A" offer will be pre-selected.)
Click Next. Then select your "B" offer. Add any notes for the split test if desired, then click Save.

Once your split test is set up, any time there is a hit to either the optional Nanacast-hosted sales page, or an upsell/downsell sales page for that offer, the system will automatically alternate between the sales page for either the "A" or the "B" offer, per unique viewer. 

In the case of running split tests in an upsell/downsell/OTO offer, you would first create an A/B version for each OTO offer. (You can copy each offer, and modify the copy version.) Then set up the split test as described above, setting the one of them as the A, and the other as the B. 

Then when setting up your OTOs on the Upsell page, select the "A" version of each upsell/downsell/OTO offer. 

When the customer hits the sales page for the first upsell/downsell/OTO offer, the system will automatically alternate between the A and B for that offer, and will do the same again for subsequent offers.

Note: When the system selects either the A or B version of a split test offer to show, it logs the IP address of the client and will always only show that version for that IP address no matter how many times that IP address hits the sales page for the split test offer. So if you're testing the split test feature and want to see the system show both the A and B version of the offer, you'll need to have access to devices with more than one IP address to test with.

Managing Split Tests:
You can return to
 Manage >> Split Test to manage your split tests there.
Alternately, from the Manage >> Memberships/Products/Podcasts/RSS Feeds list, you can tell at a glance which offers are being split test because a table with split test statistics will appear in the overview menu for that offer, with a link to manage the split test.

Ending a Split Test:
Once a split test has been created under Manage >> Split Test, there are several options available to stop a split test, each with a description of their function when mousing over the buttons:

- End & Merge: "Warning! End & Merge is irreversible! Choosing End & Merge for this offer as the split test winner will merge all subscribers from all of the offers in this split test into the winning offer, permanently pause all other offers in the split test, and permanently redirect all traffic from other offers to the winning offer. It will also end the split test. Other methods to end a split test without the irreversible merge are: Pausing the split test, and deleting the split test."

- Delete: "Deletes the Split test, leaving subscribers in the offers they were subscribed without merging."

- Pause button: "Pauses the split test so that offers will no longer be rotated when hitting the sales page/form of the offers. Impressions, sales and conversions will not be tracked while paused. Does not merge subscribers." 

(When a split test is paused, a Play button appears in place of the Pause button, and clicking the Play button resumes the split test)

Other options:
- Reset: "
Resets the Impressions, Sales and Conversion stats, and the date. Does not merge subscribers."
- Edit: "Edit the Split Test. If you change any offers in the split test, the split test will be reset."
- Note icon: "Add/edit split test notes"


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