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 Using Tiered Pricing Based on Date Range

Using Tiered Pricing Based on Date Range

  • On the Edit Pricing & Delivery page of your offer, set the Payment & Thank-You Page Setting option to 'Free or One-Time Payment with Thank-you Page'
  • Set the Pricing Strategy option to 'Use Tiered Pricing Based on Date Range'.
  • Set a Starting Price as desired.
Setting times

IMPORTANT: Currently you must set your Start, Tier and End times based on Nanacast server time, which is currently US Mountain Time (GMT -7:00).

However, the next time the page loads, the system will display the time based on the Timezone setting for your account under My Account >> Profile & Preferences ( in the General Information section at the top of the page.)

Because the system attempts to convert the stored time to the timezone in the account preferences, it may appear that the incorrect values are stored, but the system will store and use the values as originally saved and execute them on server time (US Mountain Time / GMT -7:00).

Setting Prices:

Tiered pricing based on date range is designed with the expectation that the price will increase over time. Setting tiers with decreasing prices over time is not currently supported.

Redirecting customers when the sale is not active:
If you set the Start Sale On setting to a date in the future and send traffic to your offer before the sale start date, the system will attempt to redirect the client.
  • The URL they will be redirected to can be set by setting the Continue Sale Indefinitely or End Sale option to 'End Sale'. 
  • This will make the option Redirect Buyer to the Following URL if Sale has not yet started, or has ended appear. 
  • Provide your desired redirect URL here. 


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