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 Previewing an upsell page while creating it on the Nanacast server without resubmitting signup info
Solution Once you create your first test order, you can edit the client and click the link to reset the upsell sequence.  Then hit the thank you page and it will buzz through the upsells again.

Here's how:

The sequence for upsells is this: Original offer checkout --> Any upsell/downsell offer(s) configured --> Thank you page for original offer, with thank-you page snippets of any accepted upsell/downsell offers included.

Initially, you must go through the checkout process as if you were a customer to view the upsell process. However, once you have a test subscriber, you can edit that subscriber record (In the Overview menu of the offer, click "View Active" to see the active subscriber list, then click "Edit" next to the subscriber record you want to view.)

In the subscriber record for the original offer, you'll see a link to "Click here to view Thank-You Page for this subscriber"
If there is an upsell offer configured, you'll also see a link to "Reset Upsell/Downsell Sequence (USE FOR TESTING ONLY!)"

To preview the upsell process once you have at least one subscriber record, click the link to reset the Upsell/Downsell sequence, and then click the link to view the Thank-you page. Since the system shows any upsell/downsell offers before showing the thank-you page, this lets you skip directly to your upsell/downsell offers without having to checkout the original offer again.

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