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 How to Create Custom Terms & Conditions

For a custom Terms and Conditions checkbox:

  • Go to the Notifications/Custom Fields page of your offer, and click the link "Add A New Custom Field That You Define".
  • On the following page, select "Checkbox" as the type. 
  • On the Field Name/Question box, any text you enter there will be the link next to your custom Terms checkbox, such as "I agree to the Terms of Service"
  • Then check the box below that says "This is a Terms of Service Checkbox". 
  • You will then see a "Terms of Service HTML" box where you can provide all of the HTML/text of your terms of service.
 The text you provide in the "Field Name/Question" box will appear as a link, and clicking the link will display the contents of the terms you provided in the "Terms of Service HTML" in a lightbox.

The checkbox will appear on the form in the order that your Active Custom Fields appear on the Notifications/Custom Fields page of your offer.
 Generally, most people place their terms checkbox at the bottom of their custom fields.

You can add multiple Terms Of Service checkboxes to your form if you wish.

You must set at least one of your other custom fields (such as the email field) to use the "Field is Required" option in order for a custom 'Terms' checkbox to be enforced as mandatory from an embedded form on a self-hosted sales page. 

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