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24 May 2024 
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 Providing a Bonus Thank-You page
Solution The bonus thank-you page is triggered by our Coupon feature. You can set up a coupon from the main menu under Manage >> Coupons or Create >> Coupons.

You can either have a coupon box on your embedded form or checkout form (when creating a form , button or link under Create >> Forms, Buttons & Links, check the "Show Gift-Certificate/Coupon Box" option) which will then allow the customers to supply a coupon code, or you can have a "forced" coupon which is tied to an affiliate ID and is applied automatically when referred by the affiliate ID it is tied to, without needing to have a coupon box on the form or requiring customers to complete it.

In either case, there is an option in the New/Edit Coupon Details page to "Offer Bonus Thank-You Page For Subscribers Who Use Coupon". If enabled, you can then supply the Bonus Thank-You Page HTML where your bonus content will be delivered, right there in the coupon. This can include episode_file_url tags from your offer content.

Once you have a coupon created for the offer with your bonus thank-you page content defined, then you can add the {bonus_thank_you_page_url} tag to your Thank You Page Settings on the Pricing & Delivery page of your offer.

The {bonus_thank_you_page_url} tag is literally just a text string that contains a URL.

So, the way you'll want to use it is as the source or href of a link.
Example: Get your bonus <a href="{bonus_thank_you_page_url}">here!</a>

This allows you to have control of the way that you deliver the link to the bonus content (text link with the wording of your choice, image button, etc.) If no bonus thank-you page content applies, then the value of the {bonus_thank_you_page_url} tag will be blank, so if you have an offer where not everyone will get the bonus content (i.e. if it is tied to a specific affiliate) you may want to keep that in mind as you craft how you word/display the use of the tag.

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