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24 May 2024 
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 Thank-you page for the first product purchase showing after an upsell purchase

Nanacast always goes to the first product thank you page. 

We do have an upsell thank you snippet box on each edit pricing page that lets you enter a snippet that would be included on all thank you pages where that was bought as an upsell.

Since it is possible to have a virtually unlimited chain of upsells,  we just display the snippets one after another in the order in which they were accepted.

You have a couple options for delivering your upsells:

1. You can deliver them each by their email receipt (found on the Pricing and Delivery setup step). However, some people opt to choose the option to suppress email receipts on upsells.

2. You can make sure to NEVER sell anything as a "product" and always create everything using the membership wizard and always deliver everything inside a membership content area (highly recommended). Then you just provide your clients your general purpose login link that displays all your memberships that they have purchased when they login (this link is found on the Manage > Links page in left menu). Using this method you can put something generic on the thank you page saying that they should check their email for their login details and login to access their purchase and any upsells they may have purchased.

3. On the Pricing and Delivery step for every offer is an html customization input box for you to add code to that you want displayed on a thank you page when that item happens to be purchased as an upsell or downsell if you are offering it as such. This box has bold title above it "*Thank-you Page Snippet When Offered as Upsell/Downsell."* 
Fill that out for each offer on each offers Pricing and Delivery page settings that you plan on offering as an upsell or downsell. Then that snippet of html you enter will appear on the thank you page if they purchase that upsell or downsell.

You can also use this just to show them that you acknowledge the items or memberships they have purchased and still instruct them to login to the general purpose login link to get access to memberships if you are delivering things that way.

Make sure you fully customize your thank you email receipts for your offers so you provide details like where you want them to go to login and include the username and password tags etc.

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