09 May 2021 
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 Manually add a new client or subscriber
 What happens if someone tries to purchase a product/membership again?
 Itemizing Shipping/Handling, tax and subtotal on order forms
 Helping a member reactivate after being automatically unsubscribed due to credit card issues
 Mass removal from subscriber list
 Clients with rogers.com email being rejected
 Letting client retain access until the end of their term after cancellation
 Changing a client's billing profile when editing a client
 Canceling the free trial of an offer
 Importing a large list of buyers from DLGuard
 No re-bill occurs when a member is marked as subscribed after a credit card issue occurs
 Support for collecting sales tax for countries, not just states
 Support for customer updating customer info & billing info once a subscription has been created
 Client billing issues: Updating client credit cards
 Managing subscriber start dates for content delivery
 Subscriber's profile disappears on change status of a subscriber to unsubscribed, effective on a future billing date
 Unsubscribing a client without refunding
 Changing a client password
 Importing clients from a CRM to Nanacast
 How to be notified of failed/cancelled payments
 Adding clients of one membership program for a 2nd membership program without client re-entering data
 Use of {next_billing_attempt_date} tag
 Error message: "If you are an authorized subscriber and you are trying to access from a remote location or proxy ip address you will not be able to access. You must access from your primary location..."
 Printing reports of total sales, fees, etc., for a month
 How Nanacast handles customer credit card issues on an installment payment plan
 Viewing the number of signup subscriptions per affiliate during a free trial period (before the first payment kicks in)
 Performing a partial refund in the Nanacast system
  Views vs. Leads in the Campaign Statistics report
 Allowing multiple logins to a membership / shared membership
 Importing members into a membership without starting them at the beginning of the content delivery schedule
 Capturing and retaining shipping info for one-time payment orders
 Importing members from a CRM into a Nanacast membership via Memberlock
 Troubleshooting steps for Credit Card transactions or refunds failing when using a payment gateway
 Views statistic calculation in the Campaign Statistics report
 OfficeAutoPilot integration: removing client with a canceled subscription from their OAP follow up funnel
 Understanding Refund options
 What data fields does Nanacast send to my email/CRM provider?
 Considerations when importing subscribers from another CRM
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