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24 May 2024 
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 Nanacast support for Clickbank

Nanacast does not directly support integration with Clickbank; However, one of our publishers has developed a script for ClickBank integration and has generously allowed us to share it:

Included inside is a readme.txt that should get you started on using it.

NOTE: We have received reports that the above script is outdated and needs to be revised. Nanacast does not provide support or development for the above script.

Another user reports the following workaround for Clickbank integration:

  1. Setup your product on Clickbank as usual. Or whatever network you're using.
  2. Setup a protected download page using Wil's Clickbank protection snippet here: This will make sure people can't "find" your Clickbank download page and access it without a Clickbank purchase.
  3. Embed a free Nanacast Membership signup page on the download page.
The transaction takes place through Clickbank, then the customer lands on a download page that asks them to create their membership details at Nanacast. Done. Nanacast adds them to your Autoresponder, sends login details AND send affiliate details for Nanacast...not Clickbank.


Outside of using the above script, here is the strategy we would recommend for Clickbank: 

1. Have two domains: One is sales letter landing page for Clickbank traffic, and the other is for Nanacast traffic. One site processes through Clickbank and the other processes through Nanacast. They both sell the same product. Pretty much just duplicate sites each using the other system. 

2. Never ever send any traffic to your Clickbank sales page. Let Clickbank affiliates do that. Send all your traffic to the Nanacast sales page. With a Clickbank sale you are paying 7.5%-9% of your revenue per sale direct to Clickbank in fees. With Nanacast that same sale only costs you your merchant account or PayPal fees which are generally 2.2-2.9% so essentially using Nanacast is like giving your self a 5-7% pay raise over Clickbank. 

3. On the back end of the Clickbank sales site, after a customer purchases, invite them to join your Nanacast affiliate program and promote your product. 

Clickbank should be treated as a “set and forget” advertising method. You should never send a single affiliate or client to Clickbank. You should always siphon off Clickbank. 

Also, because Nanacast tracking system is more accurate than Clickbank you may want to invite any Clickbank affiliates to join your Nanacast affiliate program as you can with confidence tell them that their conversion rate will be higher because Nanacast tracks by IP and cookie and has a smart affiliate theft detection system that always rewards the original legitimate referring affiliate and screws the thieves. 

Just like any advertising strategy, the goal is to siphon clients and affiliates off the advertising source-- not to send them to the advertising source. This is the approach to take with Clickbank and all other third party sites you generate traffic from.

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