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24 May 2024 
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 Set up an offer for Credit Card
 2CheckOut compatibility with all Nanacast features
 Customers using a different email address on the order form than their PayPal email address aren't getting a confirmation email
 Using text links with custom fields when PayPal is the payment method
 Transaction, refunds and charge-backs support for clients of Nanacast publishers
 Possible future integration with alternative ecommerce solutions or payment processors
 Single installment payment after trial using PayPal
 CVV code support for Paypal Website Payment Pro
 Clients signing up for a membership not redirected to landing page with a 'Successful Subscription' message and not reflected in the membership records, but are charged by PayPal
 Using Payment Express by DPS in Nanacast
 Affiliate payments via PayPal: automatic affiliate payouts vs. a mass payout file for manual payment
 Updating Transaction Key for merchant accounts
 Error message: "Transaction has failed for the following reason: Ship To First Name is required" when testing the CC checkout
 Does Nanacast support processing in multiple currencies
 Setting up the PayPal payment with auto returns
 Pausing, cancelling or modifying recurring billing with Merchant Accounts
 PayPal and recommendations for recurring payments
 Using Stripe in Nanacast
 Pausing, cancelling or modifying recurring billing with PayPal
 PayPal as another payment option not showing up
 Affiliate payments via 2Checkout: automatic affiliate payment support
 Capturing emails for AWeber through the PayPal order form via Nanacast when using PayPal for payment processing
 Merchant Account Setup: PayPal Websites Payment Pro
 Potential for Credit Card issues when importing members from a CRM that have no address for the member
 Troubleshooting steps for Credit Card transactions or refunds failing when using a payment gateway
 Implementing a 2-tier affiliate system in Nanacast
 Nanacast support for Clickbank
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