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18 Jul 2024 
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 Creating a coupon

Creating a Coupon

From the main menu, click on Create >> Coupons (or Manage >> Coupons).
At the top of the Coupons list page, click the "New Coupons" link.
On the New Coupon page, set a Coupon Code (what customers will type in the box) along with any description you want to remind yourself of the coupon purpose.
Then set which offer the coupon will be used for. All your offer should be available in the drop-down selection there.
You tie a coupon to a specific affiliate ID if desired, which gives you the ability to offer a different commission rate for a specific affiliate.

You can also 'Force' a coupon when tied to an affiliate ID which will automatically apply the pricing and commission settings for any customer referred by a specific affiliate without them even having to provide a coupon code.

Setting Pricing and Commission details 

Please note that a coupon is a complete override of the Pricing and Affiliate settings you have set on the Edit Pricing & Delivery page of your offer. This means that if you only wanted to change the price of the offer but not the affiliate commission, you still need to provide what the affiliate commission should be, even if it is the same as the original offer.
Some publishers have misunderstood the coupon to be a supplemental setting and leave out the commission rate, only to find that their affiliates have no commission because none was set in the coupon.

That being said, the coupon cannot override the basic nature of the offer the coupon is being used for... For example, a one-time offer cannot currently be made into a recurring offer (or vice versa) and a coupon cannot change the offer type (from product to membership, for example.)

Adding a coupon box to forms

A coupon box for an embedded form or secure checkout form is set by the "Show Gift-Certificate/Coupon Box" option on the Create >> Forms, Buttons & Links page, when you are generating the code for an embedded form or secure checkout link.

On the Edit Pricing & Delivery page of each offer, in the Coupon Box Settings section, there is also an option for showing the coupon box on the optional Nanacast-hosted sales page. 

Setting the Coupon Box field name

On the Edit Pricing & Delivery page of each offer, you will find additional settings for the coupon box in the Coupon Box Settings section. There you can set the name of the coupon box field. 

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