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Solution API integration

Nanacast is now integrated with the API. This document will help you get set up to use the API for integration with a Nanacast offer.

Connecting your Nanacast account to your AWeber account

You must connect your account to your Aweber account first. You’ll find AWeber Account Settings in Profile & Preferences (from the main menu, click My Account >> Profile & Preferences, then scroll down to the bottom).

Click the button to Link AWeber account. You will be redirected to AWeber (you must log in to your AWeber account if you have not already done so) where you can authorize the Aweber app to communicate with your Aweber account on your behalf.

On successfully connecting, you will be redirected back to your Nanacast Profile & Preferences page, which will indicate that you have successfully linked accounts:

Syncing an offer with an AWeber list

From the Overview menu of an offer, click Email Sync. Select (API) as your email list service provider.

When you select (API), the system will automatically populate a drop-down selection of existing lists on your AWeber account that you can sync the offer to.

You’ll also have a drop-down selection of existing lists on AWeber to use as a list to add/move clients to on unsubscribe.

Ad Tracking: These are optional fields you can use for the AWeber Customer Ad Tracking fields. Valid ad names may contain letters, numbers, hyphens, or underscores, but not spaces. Ad Tracking values will only use lower case letters.

Save your changes.

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